Company Name - Hu Gi Chinese Acu-Herbal Center
The joy of giving to those that matter most to us. If you are stuck looking for that perfect and unique gift, consider the gift of health, wellness, and a stress free life.  Consider the gift of an acupuncture treatment at the Hu Gi Chinese Acu Herbal Center in Chandler. We have put some thought into three special packages we are offering for a limited time.  The gift packages are below.  We have also set things up so that your purchase and gift giving can be done with complete ease. Gift Ideas(see below for more details). To that end, choose the most unique and perfect gift--the gift of Acupuncture.  Celebrate the special occasions and your health! Call us today at 480-857-1888  * Certificates May be Picked up at Hu Gi, or Placed on File for the Gift Recipients use upon scheduling of appointment for treatment.  
** Offers can not be combined with other coupons or deals.
Service Menu
ExamInitial Evaluation
Acupuncture Exam–Brief
Acupuncture ExamLimited
Acupuncture ExamModerate
Acupuncture Exam–High Complex
Herbal ExamInitial Evaluation

Herbal Exam–Established Patient
Report of Findings
$15 per Page

TCM Therapies
ATP Lamp Therapy
 $10.00 / 10 min.
Electronic Stimulation
Add $35.00
Catgut Embedding (For Weight Loss)
Add $70.00
Ice/Heat Therapy
Add $15.00
Chinese Tui Na
Foot Reflexology
Meridian Detox
Ovary Nourishment
Spinal Nourishment
Face Rejuvenation
 $50.00-150.00 (varies)
Add $15.00
Gua Sha
Add $15.00
 Add $20.00
 Add $35.00
Zheng Gu Shui
True Man Brand
Plum Flower Brand
Min Shan Brand
Chinese Herbal Formulas
Nutritional Supplements
Acupuncture pre-payment plans
10 timesX $75.00=$750 get 10% off  ......$675
you  Save $75
20 times X $75.00=$1500 get13%off ....$1305
Also 2X30 minute massage
you save $295($195+$100)
40 times X $75=$3000 get 15% off......$2550
Also 4X 30minute massage 
         1X 60 minute massage
you save $725 ($450+$275)
60 times X$75=$4500 get 18%off .......$3690
Also 8X30 minute massage
         4 X 60 minute massage 
you save $1510($810+$700)
The treatment included TDP heat treatment, cupping, moxibustion etc. each treatment value: $150.00
A complementary Re. Exam every month will be done. value: $100. The Total value from $200 to $600.
Two Treatments - $120.00 Perfect for any family or friends you know, these one hour treatments help to reduce stress and tension throughout the body as well as reduce pain.  Package of two treatments.

Offer valid for first visit only. Herbs not included. Must have appointment.
Birthday special 50% off
on already reduce rate. no expiration day.
please show your ID to our front staffs you can get half price over the lowest price you are paying now.Offer valid for new and existing patients and cannot be combined with other coupons.