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Pe Min Kan Wan

Pe Min Kan Wan is a popular herbal remedy for hay fever and cold symptoms. May be helpful for the common cold especially in cases with runny, stuffy nose. Also good for sinus problems, sneezing, and cough.

Contains: Magnolia flower (Xin yi hua), Xanthium fruit (Cang er zi), Isatis root (Ban lan gen), Pogostemon (Huo xiang), Chrysanthemum (Ju hua), Saposhnikovia divaricata root (Fang feng), Centepida minima herb (E bu shi cao), Mentha (Bo he), Perilla (Zi su ye) leaf.

Cautions: Avoid during pregnancy. Cang er zi/xanthium is very drying, and excess use may result in dry mucus membranes. Cang er zi/xanthium may occasionally cause a headache or mild nausea in sensitive individuals. Use with caution in hemorrhagic disorders or with patients on anti-coagulant therapy.

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