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A Coup for Chinese medicine treatment of common skin diseases"

Dr. Hu's special topical use formulas for following skin conditions.

In the field of dermatology, the Chinese have many healing points of view worth learning. There are many Western medicines to cure difficult skin diseases. Selection of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment can achieve equal or better effect, e.g. acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. TCM not only treats the symptoms, but also gets to the root of the problem. In the treatment of incurable diseases, TCM has fully demonstrated their absolute advantage. TCM treatment works both from the inside and outside to cure the disease.

Shingles (带状疱疹), flat wart (扁平疣), erysipelas (丹毒), folliculitis (毛囊炎), tinea (体癣), jock itch (股癣), ringworm (手癣), tinea pedis (足癣), onychomycosis (灰指甲), oral candidiasis (口腔念珠菌), prickly heat (痱子), frostbite (冻疮), solar dermatitis (日光 性皮炎), polymorphous light eruption (多形性日光疹), corns (鸡眼), eczema (湿疹), atopic dermatitis (异位性皮炎), contact dermatitis (接触性皮炎), urticaria (荨麻疹), psoriasis (银屑病), pityriasis rosea (玫瑰糠疹), lichen planus (扁平苔藓), rosacea (酒糟鼻), seborrheic dermatitis (脂溢性皮炎), alopecia (脱发), alopecia areata (斑秃), underarm odor (腋臭), melasma (黄褐斑), vitiligo (白癜风), neurodermatitis (神经性皮炎), leg veinvaricose ulcer (小腿静脉曲张性溃疡).

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